WHY USE US? You don’t have to take our word for it.

What our clients say about us:

Over 90% of BDH Solicitors’ clients over the last 3 years were “very satisfied” with our work, a proportion increasing every year. Almost all of them found our advice very easy to understand. Most of them said that the result of their case was better than they had expected.

Some comments are included:

  • "friendly, helpful and competent"
  • "straightforward"
  • "you fairly treated me even though were from different nationality"
  • "you treated me fairly, and gave an immediate response to the case"
  • "many thanks for representing me in my defence"
  • "very prompt"
  • "very helpful"
  • "I will remember such a solicitor like you till I'm old in the future... thank you so much"
  • "At no time did I feel my best interests were being undermined"
  • "I have found you very easy to discuss matters with, with responses received clearly and understandably"
  • "You are the best solicitors I have had dealings with"
  • "I had no problems whatsoever"
  • "The solicitor was professional but talked to me at my level. Gave right advice. Easy to contact, helpful- Thanks"
  • "I have always been pleased with the treatment and result I receive with BDH"
  • "Always helpful"
  • "the best"
  • "You're a dead good solicitor you don't need to improve!"
  • "Chris Hunt couldn't of been better. He was 100%. All's I can say is that he knows his job 100%!"
  • "Chris Hunt done a fantastic professional job, he couldn't have done anymore"
  • "I'd recommend Richard to anyone"
  • "I always use BDH"
  • "I am happy with the service I received and the result at sentencing"
  • "I have opted to use BDH each time"
  • "positive and straight to the point"
  • "very friendly"
  • "spoke very well for me in court"
  • "I'm always satisfied with your representation"
  • "the best in Ellesmere Port"
  • "I have and will continue to recommend BDH. By far the best legal help I've had in the last 20 years. Thank you"
  • "I can't think of anyway that you could improve the service you give"
  • "Listened attentively and gave considered advice with emphasis on key points"
  • "Mr Simm performed at his very best for me at all times"