Our family lawyers are sensitive to all issues and have a lot of experience in children’s law. We have vast experience in issues concerning where children should live and with whom they should spend time. We ensure that the best outcome is obtained for you and most importantly the children. You can always be assured of the best advice.


We represent parents, children, grandparents or carers. If a case goes to court, we will be there for you, and make sure you have your say, whichever court it is. We also help parents by representing them at pre-proceedings meetings with social services. These are formal meetings, which some people find daunting. We will let you know what to expect and guide you through the proceedings.


A child’s welfare is our main concern. We specialise in care proceedings, adoption and special guardianship orders. These can be complicated, but we will make sure that you understand everything involved. If you are choosing to adopt, contact us  to find out what is involved. In care proceedings, if you are a parent or have parental responsibility, legal representation is free whatever your means. Legal Aid is available for other areas depending on your circumstances.

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